Shri Pragya Public School is also a welcoming home to students, and staff. We pride ourselves in offering a comfortable and convenient place for our community to stay. SPPS hostel block for boys Each Floor has spacious, well-lit, air conditioned  bedrooms. Every room can accommodate 3 students and every room has attached washrooms.

SPPS has a large dining hall with comfortable seating arrangement. The hostel wing houses rooms for the wardens, pastoral care and infirmary. A recreation hall equipped with a TV, music system, reading materials and an IT Room is available.

The hostel provides fixed and flexible boarding facilities. Students seeking admission in grade 3 and above can register for boarding facilities for a full term or for a shorter duration

Things required for the hostelers at the time of admission
1. One Blanket
2. Two towels
3. Sports dress 1 pair
4. Bathroom sleepers 1 pair
5. Under garments 2 pair
6. Lunch box 1
7. Daily wear dresses 2 pair
8. Night Dress (T- Shirt, Payzama)
9. General things (Toothbrush, Paste, Mirror, Comb, Hair oil, Soaps,)

Narendra Kataria
Shri Pragya Jain Hostel
Pragya Bhawan, Sathana Bazar
Bijainagar (Ajmer)
Mob.-7742026212 (Sunday only)

Hostel Rules

House Master 
House Master in the hostel is like ‘Head’ of the family and therefore plays a pivotal role in growth and holistic development of the Scholars.

  1. All boys in Boarding House are under the over-all charge of the HM. The HM are responsible for their all round development and progress in academics, games, cultural activities, manners, etiquette and discipline. They are assisted by Tutors, Resident Teachers and Student Appointments.
  2. All activities and movements of the boys will be with the permission and under the over all guidance and supervision of the HM.
  3. No visitor will visit the rooms/dormitories. All visitors will first meet the House Master, who will organize the meeting in a common room.
  4. Only parents/authorised guardians/local guardians will be allowed to meet on Saturday / Sundays once a month.
  5. Boys are not allowed to keep cash with them. All cash is to be deposited with the HM.
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