The President of School

         Mr.Gyanchand Harkawat       

  Children are the most creative beings on earth. If only we could provide channels for that creativity to blossom….

The path of progress is tagled and tough

We smoothen them by walking firm and rough

Carving Glory, weaving for future a rich story

For unborn generations to hear breathless with wonder!

A man is like steel, shines in use and rusts in rest .Your life will reach a whole new level when you stop avoiding and fearing hard work   and simply surrender to it. Make it your ally instead of your enemy. It’s a potent tool to have on your side.


The Secretary of School

    Mr. Gyansingh Sankhla


I feel proud to see that  Shri  Pragya Public School is following the path of success by sheer tenacity  and resolution. We attained our goal to some extend but still having dream  to make it one of the best International schools . By the grace of Acharaya Shri Panna lal Ji Maharaj we provide quality education based on culture and values by modern techniques.

I adore the principal and all the teachers who were assertive and det biggest tool to bring about any change. Education is the tool that can enhance the quality of one’s life and that of others. That is why I like to be involved in molding the thoughts of the next generation through school and other academic initiatives.

The youth of today are, the builders of tomorrow,

Let them bring joy to the land, not more sorrow.

If the youth unite, working in harmony and peace,

They can create a heaven on earth   And that too, with much ease. Hoping Pragyans would reach the top.

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