Karuna club

Karuna International is a nonprofit organization that supports grassroots organizations that do not have any political or religious affiliations. By sharing knowledge, skills and compassion, our goal is to make a difference, one person at a time.The mission of Karuna International is to empower young adults to become globally conscious leaders of social change by providing global education about development issues and creating cross-cultural leadership opportunities for service learning.

The primary objective of Karuna club is to create awareness among students from the early stage of life and kindle their feelings of love, kindness, and compassion towards all living beings, animal life, plant life and protection of environment

Desh Apnaye Actizen Club

Desh Apnayen is a movement that aims to build an accountable citizenry and society around three important themes: citizenship education, volunteerism and neighbourhood. This not-for-profit social impact and community development initiative inspires and educates the youth about the benefits of citizenship education and how to be conscious and active by running long term and short term programmes at leading schools.

We encourage learning about democracy, by doing it and promoting it in action at the school.

Memory Club

Every year we organize Memory club to enhance the memory of students. We conduct “Yoga Classes” too to improve their concentration power. This year we invited Dr. Kaushal Gang who achieved 3rd position in the world regarding memory power along with his escort Mr. Vipul Sharma. In 10 days workshop he gave many tips to sharp their memory. He got them know about ‘ Law of Visualization’ , ‘Law of Association’ , ‘Law of Ridicule’ and so on. He taught them many methods like ‘Rhyme method… which they can use in learning their Textbooks Answers.

All students are benefitted by memory club to polish their memory. 

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