• The library has a seating capacity that can house entire student community. It has extensive collection of books, periodicals and references. Besides, to keep the students abreast with the latest, it has also subscribed to a number of journals. It is continuously updated keeping the benefit of the students in mind.
  • SPPS believes in sharpening the veiled skills of a child and converts him in a complete human being with all the faculties of his working in his favour throughout his life. The world of books opens the windows of creativity for our students, who explore this amazing world through a gamut of books. The emphasis is on developing healthy habit of reading good books whether it is books that relate to the curriculum or those which enhance the thinking and writing skills from an early age. Our library boasts of a wide variety of books on varied subjects.The library is equipped with carefully selected latest magazines, periodicals and newspapers of international repute to keep the students updated with the world’s current affairs.
  • The School has a large computerized Library well stocked with the latest Encyclopedias, reference books, CD ROM’s, story books of special interest for various age groups, covering a wide range of topics in Science, Arts & Commerce.


  • The library is the intellectual store house of the school. Students must take full advantage and add to their store of knowledge. Each student, at the beginning of the scholastic year, is given a ‘borrower’s card’.
  • Students are not allowed to take into the library their own books or any other personal belonging. A personal diary may however, be taken for the purpose of note taking.
  • All should see that an atmosphere of silence and seriousness is preserved in the library at all times.
  • Only one book may be borrowed at a time. A book may be retained for seven days only, after which a fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged.
  • A book may be reissued, but not more than twice. However books demanded by other borrowers will not be reissued.
  • Books lost, defaced, dirtied or damaged in any other way will have to be made good by the borrower.
  • Reference books, Magazines, Reviews and other periodicals as a rule are not taken out of library.
  • No books will be issued to any one unless he presents the library lending card. If the card is lost fine of Rs.2/- will have to be paid for getting a new one. The lending card may however be refused to, or withdrawn from a candidate who is habitually careless or guilty to misuse of library privileges.
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